#foodwinewomen: Week 4

In the fourth week in #foodwinewomen, Susan Ungaro, President of the James Beard Foundation, shares 5 women who inspire her, and Nicole Bernard Dawes, founder of Late July Organic Snacks, recalls the exact moment she realized the strength to be her own female entrepreneur lay in her all along. Keep sharing the women in food … Continued

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#foodwinewomen: Week 3

The third week in #foodwinewomen featured a wealth of inspiration from women in the food world, from late-night snacks to more stories on the importance of mentorship.


American Express Restaurant Briefings

American Express publishes a useful resource for restaurants and food industry professionals called Restaurant Briefing. Here, we post our favorite articles, studies and information from the publication once a month.   Restaurant Briefing: The Meaning of Local Sourcing   Over the past few years, a restaurant’s commitment to sourcing “local” ingredients has been a growing concern for … Continued

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#foodwinewomen: Week 2

This week in #foodwinewomen, Food & Wine sits down with Kristen Kish, who swears she’s never met someone who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies. Also, if you’ve yet to try your hand at making homemade pizza, give Nancy Silverton’s tomato-oregano pizza a go. Don’t be shy — take part in the conversation by tweeting with us … Continued

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On top of profiling a wealth of wickedly talented women, Food & Wine has also partnered with Various Projects, the clever, sassy, and design-minded keytag company, to commemorate #foodwinewomen. Proceeds from each keytag also help support everything we do at Toklas Society. Express yourself and your support of women in food and hospitality — and never … Continued