#foodwinewomen: Week 3

The third week in #foodwinewomen featured a wealth of inspiration from women in the food world, from late-night snacks to more stories on the importance of mentorship.

Cortney Burns of Bar Tartine

Cortney Burns, co-chef of the famous Bar Tartine, shared her 5 Dreamy Late-Night Snacks. When you run a bustling restaurant and business, snacks that won’t bog you down but still satiate you are key. We’re particularly craving that bone broth with poached egg, wilted kale, and shiitake.


Eileen Gordon Chiarello of Barnraiser

Crowdfunding has proven to be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs over the past few years. However, food entrepreneurs, with traditionally lower margins, have a harder time reinvesting in their businesses to really make an impact. Enter Barnraiser, a startup run by Eileen Gordon Charello and her husband Michael Charello, that funds projects focusing on health and sustainability. 82 percent of its projects have been successfully funded, and on top of that, roughly 50 percent of all projects are run by women.


April Bloomfield and Ruth Rogers

You never forget the wisdom passed on by the perfect teacher, April Bloomfield knows this better than anyone. She reminisces how Ruth Rogers taught her how to serve vignole, and reminds us that explaining how and why something should be done is far more effective than simply commanding it be done.

Have you shared your female heroes with us yet? Don’t forget to participate using the hashtag #foodwinewomen.

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