Navigating Leadership with Union Square Hospitality Group

We hope you can join us for a fun night with the ladies of the Union Square Hospitality Group on Monday, March 9. A few key members of the team will be sharing with us their thoughts on the value of leadership — read on to learn more about the solid team at USHG.

Panel: The Role of Women in Our Industry and its Development At this panel at the Baldor food conference, Toklas’ Sue Chan speaks with restaurateur and chef Barbara Lynch, La Caravelle’s Rita Jammet, and Satur Farms’ Paulette Satur on the challenges, inspirations, and changing landscape for women in the foodservice industry.

Jessica Shupack, Lili Lynton, Katina Pappas, Alex Pemoulie

Behind the Business

In the restaurant world, we hear a lot about the lives and accomplishments of chefs. We hear about GMs and sommeliers, bartenders and pastry chefs. But there’s an influential sector of the industry, a sector full of men and women who are vital to the success of a restaurant: The back office. The corporate teams … Continued